HSG team

Meet our team

Raffaella Fontana

Director of Research

Physicist expert in development and planning of optical instrumentation for cultural heritage, VIS-NIR multispectral imaging analysis, three-dimensional survey, optical coherence tomography for varnish thickness of paintings, data analysis, image processing, diagnostic in situ.

Luca Pezzati

Director of Research

Physicist expert in Optics and optical metrology and research management.

Enrico Pampaloni


Physicist expert in Optical Diagnostics for Cultural Heritage, Study and development of optical instrumentations, new measurement methodologies, analysis and visualization of digital data.

Jana Striová


Heritage Scientist expert in set-up and application of innovative and non-invasive methods for the characterization, monitoring and cleaning of artworks. She coordinates the team developing an integrated and user-oriented approach to access the IPERION HS facilities and the training events for the Heritage Science community.

Laura Benassi


Expert in communication, outreach, planning, management and reporting activities of European projects in the field of Heritage Science.

Marco Barucci


Expert in development and design of optical devices for environmental applications, development and design of optoelectronic instrumentation for diagnostics for the cultural heritage, multi-spectral analysis for VIS-NIR images.

Marco Raffaelli


Expert in spectrophotometry, colourimetry, optical interferometry, optical fibers. He participates in laboratory activities for the maintenance and upgrade of diagnostics tools for cultural heritage.

Alice Dal Fovo

Senior fellow

Expert in the non-invasive investigation for the monitoring of restoring operations and application of linear and non-linear optical techniques on paintings.

Antonina Chaban

Senior fellow

Expert in the field of multi-analytical characterization of Cultural Heritage objects and develops her professional expertise in advanced Raman Spectroscopy.

Diego Ivan Quintero Balbas

Senior fellow

Expert in the application of spectroscopic techniques to the study of historical and modern cultural heritage. His recent research activity focuses on the application of advanced Raman spectroscopy for studying dyes, pigments, and other artists’ materials.

Silvia Innocenti

Senior fellow

Expert in Raman/SER Spectroscopy applied to Cultural Heritage and colloid chemistry.

Moira Bertasa

Senior fellow

Expert in multi-analytical characterization of historical and modern materials of Cultural Heritage. Her research activities focus on
monitoring and assessment of cleaning methodologies.

Anna Impallaria

Senior fellow

Expert in non-invasive and imaging techniques for the study of Cultural Heritage. In the last years she has focused on Radiography and X-Ray techniques (radiographic imaging of pictorial materials, XRF).

Emanuela Grifoni

Senior fellow

Heritage Scientist expert in Digital Heritage, 3D VIS-NIR Multispectral Modeling, Image processing. Adjunct professor at the University of Milan and at the Central Superior Institute of Restoration of Rome.